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Writings to stir the heart and cleans the soul.

In the beginning are the famous first words out of the book of Genesis. The power of God uttered; Let there be! The creator of Heaven and Earth commands a change.

Blog Inspirations!

When there is strife in the church family, here is my stand..

I am somewhat different than other leader... I do not let leaders lead in the wrong direction more than a 3 day period.. like baseball strike one, two and three.. grace, mercy, then judgement.. if they cannot follow Jesus, act like Jesus then they are not leading TO Jesus.. It was Jesus (letters in red) in Mark 11:26 that said "if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in Heaven forgive you" not sure what some thinks of but.. bad attitude of consistency is demonic activity, if one will lie to themselves, they will lie to everybody else... Two wrongs never make a right... So Proverbs 6:19 God hates those that sow discord among the brethren... is this true or done away with..

Grace does not wipe the slate clean when Grace enables us to accomplish; meaning us being doers of the word (James 1:22) and not hearers only.. accountability is responsibility and responsibility is responding to ones ability... So IF they are Christians and Christ is in them.. and they can do all things through Christ .. have them choose life or death.."an old testament or cursing.. forgiveness is an act of faith.. so make them crucify their flesh or you Make them hug in public and pray for each other in public Sunday morning.... OUT LOUD IN FRONT of the Congregation, explaining nothing ... you might find the fox in the hen


  • Prophecy given by Mark D. White 5-3-2015 @ Global Fire Church, Murfreesboro, TN
  • There is a precept that is being established the Lord would say; line upon line, precept upon precept God is established the wisdom of His way. You might not think that the confusion that you feel is but the sheering is happening as God is doing His will. For there is a transition a transition causing you to come up higher, a force that is established in this hour, it is causing the bonding of hearts and the uniting of souls, it is the establishing of my plan that together you would defeat the foe. So therefore in this valley you might seem to think you’re in, you are higher upon the mountain and the victory has already begin. For this is the day of the advantageous and the advantageous will see, you’re the opportunist that going to do the wisdom of my plan and literally destroy the works of the enemy.
  • For there is a healing anointing, a healing anointing, a healing anointing upon many would drip throughout your fingers and upon the land. For as you go forth and step in faith and speak my name, I the Lord will give you sovereign command, for you will clear the atmosphere and demons will run in fear, there will even be those that rise up in anger and publicly try to jeer. But I the Lord shall establish you going in and coming out for you are the head and not the tail without a doubt. For light will dispel darkness and my Glory you shall see. By the end of this year you’re going to have excessive liberty.

There are many that have been hurt in the church. Whether from leadership or those in the pew. Your problem is not with Gods people, but your relationship with Jesus. As Revelations states, the rewards come to the overcomer. It is strange that the hurt individual has problems with the hypocrites in church. But endure those same type of people in the world, family, and friends. Grow up, slap yourself and realize that if you cannot overcome the fallacies in the body of Christ. How will you ever overcome the power of the devil in deception. Restore your first love, offer yourself as a living sacrifice, crucify your flesh daily, walk in love, forgive in faith and overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the words of your testimony. We are at war with forces we cannot see. So, how can you fight with and not fight for. The church also called the body of Christ needs you, so get rid of your excuse about going to church and go because of Jesus. For if you live off of excuses, you might die because of the reasons. (31116)


The Influence of the Unknown

There is a four letter word that is not a curse word, but brings a curse when it is received and applied. This word has tortured many; it can be stimulated into panic, hysteria, and change in personal response. The power of this word will set someone to kill or even allow to be killed. This word can stimulate super natural strength and even can bring those of stability into chaos. This word haunts those with subconscious phobias of bugs, birds, flying in airplanes, boats and even bridges over water. This four letter word is fear. The very thing that God said He did not give us in Second Timothy chapter one verse seven is a Spirit of Fear.

There are two powerful forces that cannot be seen and both have the ability to create something out of nothing and bring into existence that which does not exist. Fear and Faith both have the ability to bring the unseen into the seen. The difference is the root of where both came from. Fear and Faith have authority in the unseen realm because of its embrace by individuals in their lives. It creates an attitude of ability that can change the world. Fear is the response of what you do not want and Faith is the Attitude of what you want. 92713


It is a good thing that breathing is not a matter of choice. Even when a rebellious child threatens to hold their breath till they turn blue is comical. Once they pass out their breathing continues despite their rebellion. If your thinking or your attitude was a regulator of your breathing; How long would you last before you passed out and forgot your problems. So breathe in the Breath of the Holy Spirit to remove the chaff that takes away your laughter, breathe in the Holy Spirit so His breath removes that which smothers your soul. Let the winds of Heaven clear your mind as the Pneuma, the breath of God changes everything because you are close and held in His arms. His very presence will change your attitude and your thinking..92914


Given by Mark D. White 10-19-08
"These are the days of purging and is not my Spirit moving throughout the land? To see the sheep and the goats, on what side they would stand. For who is on the Lords side and who would decree such a thing? Who will stand up for the God Almighty and yield the heart of their whole being. For I'm moving throughout this nation and accord you shall began to see, for there is a violent nation that shall rise up against me. But I the Lord shall overcome it, because of the blood of the Lamb, and my Glorious Church shall stand up and will publicly display the I AM. For signs and wonders in this nation like never seen before. They are now even perpetually moving to close Satan's door, For I am a God that can lock the door and no man can open it ever again and I am the God that can open a door and no man can close it again, I have begin an end to the way it was and I am now starting the process of what I want it to be. So therefore who is on the Lords side, who is going to yield their heart and soul to me? Because I have initiated judgment and judgment shall stand. So who will come before me with repentance and cry out for the mercy of God upon this land".
I love the judgments of God, for in all that He judges during this season; His purpose is to restore. I felt lead to post this word that the Holy Spirit gave me October 19, 2008.


Birth your tomorrow - Intercede. Set your today on course with the power of prayer. This will remove needless warfare and stop the power of despair. Hope which is expectancy is an unstoppable force when it’s linked with Faith in God’s Word. This miraculous creating force will take place and change cities, regions, states and nations. Having faith in God is more than just exist, but pressing in, living to persist, that you are ardent, with this drive you will do more than survive, but you will thrive.

These are the days of Elijah with the power of God on display. Stay on your face in prayer, the answer will come by the end of the day. In 2015 you will see an unseen force called prayer by unity. Like never before the wind is blowing to birth your tomorrow by prayer. So feed not your excuse, but commit to prayer, to see the Spirit of Revival moving everywhere. The battle is won, everything is done; except the body of Christ becoming one. But soon you will see, that your birthed your destiny with the power of prayer as you did intercede. Endless Revivals are Here! .. Bonfires here and there, Great moves of God are happening everywhere. But all this came through the power of prayer.

Mark D. White.. 12-24-2014